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I am a woman and my mother never fails to remind me at any chance she gets. A woman does this, a woman behaves like that, a woman cooks……. A woman should always remember. She has even warned me not to forget my (future) child in the farm (a proverb). But I don’t just know where the woman in me who should remember things locked herself. I forget passwords, codes, pins and the likes. Even mine too. I also just don’t seem to remember minute, trivia things especially immediately they happen.

I’m registered with almost all major social networks, e-commerce sites, blogs, general websites etc and I have to keep track of usernames, passwords, e-mails used, etc. sometimes secret questions and answers. Most times I use a username for one site and give it another site’s password. I had to get a book to write passwords and usernames (I pray my enemies don’t find that book) or most time I scribble it on any other paper or book am holding then which can also be misplaced. My friend complained that I keep coming to ask her for her ATM pin or phone’s password whenever I need to help her withdraw money or access her phone. She keeps reminding me and I keep forgetting. I remember only to forget. I don’t know how many women forgets this like this because I need feminine backup right now. At least to remind myself that am still a woman- just one that forgets things. My mum and her cohorts (her friends, aunts, uncles etc) already has a lot of issues about my feminism. I don’t do a lot of what is stereotypical for women.

Anyway back to password matter, this is a new wordpress account because I can’t remember the password I used for the other one and the email I used  for that account has been blocked because they think am the intruder. I tried more than five times to login with wrong passwords and I couldn’t remember the answer to the secret question asked to grant me access to choose a new password. So if you come across a site with mythoughts abi myownthought.wordpress.com, I think it belongs to me, only it will never see the light of day if it has not been taken down.