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Porn addiction    

A lot of persons think that only men are susceptible to visuals and can be easily carried away by what they see; actually, we all are.

God has designed our senses in such a way that they react to things voluntarily and most times, involuntarily. What we see, hear, touch, smell and feel- sometimes together leaves an impression on us. Each sense is powerful in its own way.

I watched a horror movie once with a friend. At a rather gruesome scene, she turned away so she wouldn’t see the action, but she heard the screams and those sounds kept resounding in her nightmares for a while. These senses when combined together is like a cascading avalanche. It pushes aside everything on its path; morals, fear of discovery, common sense etc.

Porn is pleasing to all the senses. It is also interesting and fascinating. If the human senses can replay gruesome sounds why not something as enthralling as a woman moaning as she’s being thoroughly fucked, or a man groaning his pleasure while his balls are being sucked.

I think one reason hardcore porn is getting much attention is because of the secrecy associated with it. Porn is not a very open societal practice and those who watch in it do so secretly. No one (except kids in their early teens or elderly ones who are reminiscing about their past) openly admit to watching porn, yet the porn business is growing bigger every day. It’s like cocaine. You know people are doping but no one is.

Reasons why people watch porn

  • For youngsters especially, watching porn is an initiation into something big for grown-ups or the big boys.
  • Those who are not having sex yet or confidant in their abilities in bed turn to pornography for help.
  • Some do it to relieve stress,
  • Others are just addicted.

Addiction – any addiction at all is bad as it’s a diversion from normal practice or flow of things. Porn addiction is just as evil. It is one practice that has secretly woven itself into the fabric of society. I shouldn’t say secretly, rather silently. Porn is everywhere.  We focus so hard on trying to minimize hardcore porn that we are practically blind to the foreplay of light porn thrown at us daily under the disguise of movies, advertisements or just entertainment. Sex sells.

Adverse effects of porn

  • Masturbation: this itself is a topic of its own. There is hardly any porn addict who doesn’t masturbate. Some would say self-masturbation is okay as its helps one to know his/her body and erotic zones and to be comfortable with their bodies sexually. But masturbation is a by-product of an addiction and that in itself makes it wrong and a problem. Masturbation deviates from normal sexual practice, promotes selfishness, and self-satisfaction and is not to be encouraged.
  • Distraction: imagine someone who has a job to do and responsibilities to tend to huddled in a corner jerking off to satisfy an addiction. Pornography also distracts the addicts from the real romance in sex and relationships. They expect too much from their partners forgetting that some of the practices they’ve watched or seen are not really done in real time and are done under the effects of sex-enhancing drugs.
  • Self-absorption: porn addicts do not take care and patience needed to really romance their partners to orgasm or satisfaction. Their tastes and preferences are brisk and far-off and might not be welcomed by their partners so of course they turn to one way they get satisfied without actually committing adultery or hurting their partners and that is masturbation.
  • Lack of self control: some persons are so into porn and sexually loose that mere seeing, reading or hearing the word ‘sex’ or any sexual connotation is enough to make them recall vivid images and sexual fantasies and before you know it, they are aroused. Such persons are societal harzards. They tend to sleep with animals or rape anyone on sight even kids to satisfy their loose urges.
  • Sexual perversity: the normal practice of sex overrides as addicts turn to orgy, BSDM and homosexuality to practice what they’ve seen.
  • Standing with God: for Christians it causes a setback in their relationship with God. God is holy and all who serve him must serve him in holiness, spirit and truth. God has also warned that we must flee from all appearances of evil and unholiness. Any Christian who indulges in pornography and masturbation cannot have a relationship with God.

Is pornography strictly a male thing?

Hell no. women fall prey to pornography. Pornography is so played out that it catches the attention of and arouses either gender. Statistics shows that men who watch porn are much higher than the females but females are also susceptible to it.

How to avoid porn

The best way to avoid porn is not to watch it or view pornographic materials at all. Try not to be deliberately exposed to pornography.

Flee! Don’t open that link! Don’t buy that magazine nor borrow it. Set up firewalls and restrictions that block porn materials on your computer or electronic devices.

How to overcome the addiction