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When I was in secondary school, I had a friend who didn’t take medications for any ailment whatsoever because it was against her faith. She belonged to a religious denomination that forbidded any form of medical treatment. They preached against taking of drugs citing Exo. 23:25, Deut. 7:15. Rather, all sick persons were to go to the altar and pray, waiting for a special miracle of healing. I was told even the women were delivered of their babies in church (I think they should have just called God to operate out the baby. Why call a midwife?).
Like the people who belonged to this sect, there are so many other persons who lounge around in life waiting for a miracle. They are like the man at the pool of Bethesda who kept waiting for someone to push him into the pool. When that didn’t happen he indulged in self pity and self condemnation.
These people appear to be busy with their lives. To others it seems they have a life; they are in schools, offices, churches and they even hold positions of authority. This is all a faux. In their minds of mind they want something better or different but they are not going to get it for themselves. And they are not lazy either. They hang around waiting for someone/something or a divine intervention to whisk them out of their current status. It could be in the form of a rich husband/wife, a job offer, a divine manifestation of some sorts etc. What ever it is, their lives is kept hanging until something (divine/miraculous) happens. A miracle.
You can find them in churches praying against their enemies and beckoning on God’s favor forgetting that God has given us the power to do anything we want. To turn our lives around. You have the ability to change your mindset, Your destiny, Your attitude and you can make your life what you want it to be.
God’s greatest miracle to us is the gift of knowledge and the ability to choose. By giving us the freewill to think and make decisions for ourselves, man can create anything he wants. You can choose to create miracles.
Look around you, the world swims in the sea of miracles. The Internet, great inventions and innovations shows we can create our own miracles. Humans push the limits and boundaries of impossiblities everyday. Things deemed impossible before is accessible now to even kids. Humans can fly. Humans can last long under water. A single button can teleport one across the world. Re-engineering and artificial intelligence has made it possible for amputees and quadriplegics to effectively and comfortably go about their daily activities with the aid of prosthesis most of which allow brain signals to be sent to the prosthetic. Humans can even change their gender.


A miracle is whatever you want it to be. A special event/someone doesn’t have to define you. To my friend who doesn’t take medications, I reminded her that it was God himself who endorsed drugs by creating herbs like Aloe Vera, Hyssop, Mint, etc. for all manner of ailments and beings (Gen. 1:29, Rev. 22:2, S of S 4:12, Ezekiel 47:12) which were used in the Bible. Those herbs form a major part of the processed drugs we take today. Systems and practices changes. If we are going to lie at the altar waiting for a special touch, should we also wear coats of skin since it was the first garment God made for Adam and Eve, Gen. 3:21?
Don’t limit yourself to religious/physical boundaries. Go out there and create a miracle.