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Starring: Ramsey Naouh Jr, Monalisa Chinda, Rukky Sanda, Alex Ekubo, Ini Edo

Written, produced and directed by: Rukky Sanda

Why do we watch movies with these titles that clearly indicates trouble in blissful paradise? Is it the A-list cast? Or is it the ‘this one would be different’ mindset? Certainly, Keeping My Man was different, but how different?


The acting for such a cast was below average. Let’s start with the obvious oldest in the group. Ramsey was out of place in the group and he acted the same way. His lines were short, snappy and over used. He obviously couldn’t interact with his much younger supposedly ‘best friends’ in a best friend way because am sure he’s wondering, like me why he was pit up as buddies with guys he’s much older than.

His wife Zion (Rukky Sanda) was terrible. Her character was motherly and boring, not friend-like at all. All you hear is “Come on Maye, come on Tara, lets’s fix our marriages’ ‘We are here to fix our marriages’. Don’t they have any real girl-time?

Ini Edo was hilarious. Her acting was above average. She did things people would remember, even if by then they’ve forgotten the name of the movie.

Her husband Alex was snappish and always nagging. He acts well most times, falls below par then tries to pick up again. His reverting to his native language to make snide remarks wasn’t refreshing nor memorable.

Monalisa, a seasoned actor went along with her role. Her character borders on being paranoid and edgy. She refuses to have sex with her husband even going to great lengths (weird, according to Zion) to avoid sex and yet when he comes home late, she’s angry. When she finally agrees to sleep with him, she leaves him halfway in anger. I just don’t get her. Thank God am not the only one. She doesn’t understand herself either. Although at first, I was worried she’ll look much older than her husband but it wasn’t that noticeable.

Her husband, Okoye acted the frustrated, desperate husband. He really tried to fit into his husband role.


This movie has flaws impeding its actual entertainment and enjoyment. First is the plot. The story/plot of the movie is somewhat tacky. Where the plot picks up, bad acting, sound and other discrepancies disrupts its flow. I think the writer (also producer, director and actor) just wanted to the movie to get to the end where the ‘real’ suspense or irony lay. Else, why make Ramsey uncomfortable?

Zion dominated her friends by being the perfect wife who knew just how to keep her man and so did Ramsey, but for different reasons.

Ramsey dominated the guys by being their father figure/role model not friends as we were led to believe. Else, in the scene where Okoye was looking for a chick to have sex with, and Ramsey admonished him saying he was going home to his wife, why didn’t his ‘friends’ call him up on the fact that he was a liar and pretender? That’s what any group of friends would do, especially since they were alone. Wouldn’t that have been the perfect opportunity to give us an insight into Ramsey’s double life? But Sanda just wanted the big surprise to come when she wanted, without thought to minor holes in the plot like this.

I don’t understand why Alex was always antagonistic towards his wife. Why was he so indifferent to her and her feelings? I understand that the scene where she played dress-ups and was carrying a mop is a little too much but leaving her cuffed to a bed till morning? He was just mean. And the sex? Let’s not even get started on that one. No love or affection. He huffs and puffs on an emotionally abused woman and congratulates himself.

The characters in this movie were frivolous and without depth. They just tend to sway and sway to the script’s whim- which wasn’t any good at all. No hardcore actions and decisions were taken and made. Something that would push the audience to sit and pay attention. Monalisa’s husband wouldn’t go through with adultery. Zion just seem to think that moping around for a few days and leaving her husband was the permanent solution (is there a part 2?). What happened to ‘let’s fix our marriages’? All the characters took the easy way out. And at the end everything worked out according to plan ‘to those who love God’

I rate this movie 2 out of 5.