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Dear Americans,
I am not an American and I have never lived in America but that has not stopped me from following the presidential elections. The most powerful country in the world was about to get a new leader; it was in my face everyday. It doesn’t matter, I know I am never going to vote but I made my choice, I chose Hillary.
I know about Trump’s rants, his aspirations to make America great again whilst grabbing asses. I know his campaign was loaded with bigotry, sexual assault scandals and racist comments. He threatened to build a wall to prevent immigrants from crossing the US-Mexico border.
What do I say to the blacks especially the black immigrants living in America whom he had promised to do away with? What about the Muslims, how do I console you? What about your girls, how can you feel protected under the leadership of a man who says ‘to grab them by their pussy. You can do anything’
I feel your fears and despair. Twitter, Facebook, Medium and other social sites bear your outrage. Trump somehow has assailed to the highest position – the 1st citizen of a nation full of pride and eager for a brighter future. We in these parts looked up to you. America is the epitome of things we hoped for.
Do you know the joy we felt when a black man for the first time in history was made president? We congratulated each other like we were Americans. On Nov. 8th 2016, we looked forward to history rewriting itself. To welcome the first female president of America. An icon. A pointer for other women to follow, to be inspired. If Hillary main rival had been someone else I would have shut my mouth. It’s the people’s choice after all. But Donald Trump? Given that there has been massive protests and outrage at his success, I wonder, who then voted for him?


Americans, I know you look down on us Africans. Blacks. Monkeys. You may or may not be correct in your assessment of us. Despite 20 something years of democracy we have very little to show for it. We still battle little things like good roads and electricity, lol. But in this matter I have a little advice and I want you to take it, why, because I have experience. I have been living under the rule of a bigot since last May 2015 and can’t help but compare the America elections to the one conducted in Nigeria last year.
In 2011 things were finally looking up for us. We voted in the first President from the South-South geopolitical region- a small but relevant region. It was a beacon of hope. Hope that not only the Hausas and Yorubas had right or access to the highest political position in the nation.
Then in 2015 President Jonathan lost to Buhari. Buhari is our version of your Trump, minus the sexual scandals. How could Jonathan have lost? He was the people’s choice. What the hell happened? Whether your Trump live up to expectation is yet to be seen, but ours is worse than we expected. The recession in Nigeria now according to stats is the biggest in 26years. But we pull through.

Let me tell you how we’ve survived. This is a time for you all to stand together as one nation. Leave the segregation, the racism, the religious differences because deep down we all humans with needs and fears. Think of your kids, Your parents, your brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. Do not allow hate to stand in the way. This is not about Hillary or Trump. In the end it’s about you. As @Alexa Carlin wrote in  A letter to the American people about this election, change begins with you. Do your part to create the America you want to live in.
I am on your side too.

Shortia December